One Epic Founder Field Day

We’d like to announce a major event designed by Rothenberg Ventures.

Startup founders never have enough time. Finding an extra hour is rare. Spending a day away from the office is nearly impossible. If we could bring 100 exceptional founders together for an entire day, how could we design an event worthy of their time?

The event should be epic. It should pack a year’s worth of networking into a single day. It should surround founders with world-class experts. And it should be unforgettably fun.

We created Founder Field Day to be the Davos for startups.

We selected an iconic San Francisco venue: AT&T Park. We listened to founders and designed the day around their needs. Then we invited experts who want to meet the founders and help them.

Hitting a baseball from home plate at a major league stadium is awesome. And it’s awesome to give back to the community, so we partnered with San Francisco General Hospital to help raise their awareness and funds.

Our secret sauce is personalizing every founder’s schedule—24 “teams” experiencing 9 “innings” together—to make everyone’s day remarkable. Each “team” of 10 founders will experience 9 “innings” consisting of small-group break-out sessions with experts, networking with founders and VCs, and activities like hitting baseballs from home plate.

We’re in a unique position to pull this off because we meet 1,000 amazing founders each year. We can’t invest in all of them, but we can connect them with experts in our network.

We’re Rothenberg Ventures, and we are a startup that invests in startups. We invite you to join us at Founder Field Day on May 5, 2014. Apply now. (Published April 17, 2014)




Rothenberg is the leading Frontier Tech VC investing in #VR, #AR, #AI, #Drones, #Robotics, and #Space since 2012

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The Millennial VC

The Millennial VC

Rothenberg is the leading Frontier Tech VC investing in #VR, #AR, #AI, #Drones, #Robotics, and #Space since 2012

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